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Thanks and some autumn feelings

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 30, 2014, 8:30 AM
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flower divider by AudraMBlackburnsArt

Hi my friends, I just want to take a second to say thanks to all of you for making my  birthday very special. 
Thank you all for your warm wishes , mesages, points and gifts!

Heart Shine by Nina-Mishima  Wish us all a happy life ahead. Love you all!!!  Heart Shine by Nina-Mishima
flower divider by AudraMBlackburnsArt

And now I want to show you the superb gifts 
and dedications I have received :heart:

 Happy-Birthday Vasi by KmyGraphic
Happy Birthday Vasi!! by BlueIvyViolet   Birthday Flower by Arte-de-Junqueiro   Sometimes a Fantasy by creativemikey
Gold fractal 1 by ladyjudina
Sweet Little Things by sesam-is-open
Happy birthday, Vasi by ShlomitMessica   Wild Daisies by JocelyneR   Happy Birthday Vasi by bluedragoneye
Postcard from China 14 by JACAC
Happy Birthday Vasi by Applemac12   Colorfull by CaryAndFrankArts   Autumn moments by gigi50
La multi ani, Vasi! by MDDahl   Elderly elite - Budapest streetscape by TheRafflesia  Fairy Entrance for Visitors by PowerfulStardust
Have a nice day! by Cundrie-la-Surziere

And because autumn is the best part of the year, enjoy some of my latest faves, paying a visit to all of artists, commenting and/or faving their work. They all deserve it! 

Hope you like it :D (Big Grin)
flower divider by AudraMBlackburnsArt
Fall By the River by HarLeezPix

Gold. by CasheeFoo   Autumn Mist by Juniae   fall preview by SvitakovaEva
Afterglow by LUCILALEYLA  Falling for You IV by Scooby777  Dreamcatcher by Pajunen  
Cosmic Light... by Tigles1Artistry
Fall leaves  2 by ShlomitMessica  Autumn Basket by MayEbony  my kitchen. by bebefromtheblock
My Only Living World by Joe-Maccer  
koprude gunbatimi by MustafaSEZER  Golden Delight by cyimang  Autumn Mood II by ArgentumChloride
autumn leaves by MartinBailly
  Fall color pop by gigi50
Patience and Grace by Unkopierbar  autumn by fairytale33  168 by kaskaa96  
Fire In The Sky by maiarcita  Halloween by La--Boheme  The Starcatcher .. by patriciabrennan  
Message from Autumn by DrAndrei Bohemian Fog by Metal-Goddess Symphony by Unkopierbar  
One Last Autumnal Ramble I by Trippy4Uleaf fall by Digithalieleaf fall by Digithalieleaf fall by Digithalie
Autumn by KmyGraphic


CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck

God's beautiful creatures part 1

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 31, 2014, 1:44 AM

Beauty exists, even in unlikely places. The key isn't to open your eyes but to open your heart.

Hearts In Colour by isider
Hearts In Colour by isiderHearts In Colour by isiderHearts In Colour by isiderHearts In Colour by isider

It's impossible to live a life totally free of feelings. God created all of us to be emotional creatures, and feelings are a big part of our lives.

EMOTIONS by Dogsfather

fly away by kyokosphotos   Yellow Ladybird by s-kmp   merry month of May by Ingelore   Only know you love her when you let her go by borda   wanna play? by clochartist-photo

Fairy (version # 2) by Vladlena111

Admiral by BiBiARTs   Paper kite butterfly by SarahharaS1   Yellow patience by funkichkn   living painting by ShamliRotem   One of my Five a Day 02 by s-kmp

Freedom by tatsu-subaru

Jonas, the Barn Owl by LewiARTs   It Must Be Love by cycoze   What goes there by gigi50   Sweet face of great grey owl by Momotte2   Waiting Patiently by CanadianRy

Ink Nightowl by huatunan

Hey Dude..... by thrumyeye   Snowy Starling by MYPeanutGallery   frozen in time by slatkatajna   SHY by sharkbaits   Jeckle by Applemac12

Guira cuckoos by WendyMitchell

Oh Good! They're Finally Up! by MYPeanutGallery   I did not touch the speed dial by MichelLalonde   Cutiepie by JocelyneR   Watchin' You by Daveinwilton

Is it springtime? by brijome   lunch by ignosc   Otter Portrait V by TVD-Photography   Apodemus agrarius by Dark-Raptor

Mayflowers and Chipmunk DT6 7600-1-2 by detphoto

Hedgehog by CaryAndFrankArts   Tiny Explorer by Unkopierbar   Journey to somewhere... by Thunderi   

Green Ratsnake by BiBiARTs

Happy Birthday Bev by Earleywine   Le Lac des cygnes by iskarlata   Happy ending by DumitruMihai   Black Swan Itch by MayEbony

Untitled by kriakao


 DQD3979a by duongquocdinh

Resident of Balkonia by RoyallyCrimson  Carpenter Bee by Blueeyes0001 Breakfast Is Served by Samplle Bumbling by parallel-pam

dolphins by alfred-georg   Little Bittern by RichardConstantinoff   You're sure this is where you dropped it dear? by cricketumpire

White Peacock by Arkus83

Box Turtle by Andres-Cadena   I salute you by FrankAndCarySTOCK   Dragging My Feet by HarLeezPix

Visual contact by plumita1

Hearts In Colour by isiderHearts In Colour by isiderHearts In Colour by isiderHearts In Colour by isiderHearts In Colour by isider

:heart: Hope to enjoy, until next time , love you all :heart:

Blue dragonfly by VasiDgallery

I-love-ART by NaViGa7or

A Kind Of Magic

Mon Jun 9, 2014, 1:08 AM by VasiDgallery:iconvasidgallery:

One dream, one soul, one prize, one goal, one golden glance of what should be,
It's a kind of magic...
Baby Angel by LOVEMAYU
:heart: HOPE YOU ALL LOVE IT :heart:

Snowflake. by IgnisFatuusII

I can feel it.Spring in the air by BlueColoursOfNature  Row of Cosmos by JocelyneR Perfect Curve by Velvet--Glove Happy Birthday Teresa by Applemac12 Herald of Spring by sesam-is-open

Ariel by Cinnamoncandy

Dreaming of Cherry Blossoms by CecilyAndreuArtwork  Thank You To All My Friends here on DA by BiBiARTs  last days of a tulip... by clochartist-photo What Dream Is Chasing You? by theresahelmer  And You Let Her Go by LUCILALEYLA

Garden of Light by FaintSketches

Green eye by RadcliffeftShin   Green eye by Darknee   Elements- Earth Update by AkaCirce

Floral crown by plumita1

Little yellow flowers by George---Kirk    detail on Narcizo by SvitakovaEva    Happy birthday Lewi! by CaryAndFrankArts    Jenny by 1001G    Coastal Poppy Magic by TeaPhotography   alone by vicente-oliveira

put on your red light by augenweide  imprisoned flower by Rikitza    :heart:   Brinspired Sunrise - Exclusive Premade Stock by somadjinn  What's in a name? by MyrtoGkl

La Belle by plumita1

Fashion 04 by JACAC  DANCES OF ASHES by MirellaSantana  Anger by liza23q  Penny Farthing by Arte-de-Junqueiro  Sign of Friendship by Canankk

Lisbon 69 by JACAC

Lion by yuchenghong

Ellira, the Voracious by bpsola  Naida, the Watercaster by bpsola  Fire Mage by uildrim  Dragon Archer Game Model by Jkuo  Light in the Darkness by SourAcid

Selffinder by theogroen

You are not alone by RazielMB  Zodiac man by Daywish  En una noche de invierno by Marazul45  

Glow by applePAI

Angel Of Fire by Corvinerium The night fairies ~ Daily Inspiration by RazielMB Surrounded by Magic by CaryAndFrankArts   Isis1 by liangxinxin   Gleam of Sorrow by Yosia82

The Mating... by bergamind

Boltenharrers laboratory by AlexanderJansson   A Tree by AlexanderJansson   After-Life for Sinners by PSHoudini

Tears of Angel by RazielMB

<da:thumb id="341317597"/>  Fall Into The Sky by Aegils  DQD by duongquocdinh  Wrath of Angels by MorriganArt  Inner Loneliness by MirellaSantana

The angel on the moon by CindysArt

Rainbow of love by Littledarkling13

I wish you all a magical week my friends

Replica by RhysGriffiths

rainbow heart by Nina1love1  Thank you for being my friends... by VisAnastasis  rainbow heart by Nina1love1

Rainbow of love by Littledarkling13Rainbow of love by Littledarkling13Rainbow of love by Littledarkling13


Design by dhik-a
CSS by im-not-sana


Vasi Dragos
"Learn to always have a smile hidden in the heart."

rose divider by AudraMBlackburnsArtrose divider by AudraMBlackburnsArtrose divider by AudraMBlackburnsArt

I'd like to thank everyone who visit my gallery, favorites my work,
leaves such wonderful comments and for your continued support!


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